2022 | 95 MIN.
Hebrew, English, Spanish
Guatemala, Israel

I Am Not

I Am Not

After years of battling false mental diagnoses, Oren picks up a camera, his only outlet for human interaction, and embarks on a life-changing journey.


A touching and humorous film about loss, life chances, love, family, illness, the end and the beginning. It is also about the search for roots and the therapeutic role of cinema, which can be an escape or create new worlds. This bittersweet family story is abundantly saturated with emotions, although its main character has serious difficulty with showing it. Oren was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and the fact that he is an adopted child makes it difficult for him to adapt. Suddenly, his life changes with the help of the camera, which becomes an extraordinary therapy tool assisting him on a long journey in search of his identity.


Director: Tomer Heymann

Producers: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann

Cinematography: Itai Raziel, Oren Levy

Additional Cinematography: Ehud Levy, Uri Levi, Addie Reiss, Daniel Kedem, Sergio Alvaro

Editing: Yaniv Segalovich

Additional Editing: Alex Khosid, Elad Davidovitch Schicowich

Original music: Matan Daskal

Sound Mix: Itzik Cohen

Researcher: Tali Shamir-Werzberger




Festivals & Awards

Best Original Soundtrack for Feature Documentary, Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival, May 2023

Best Documentary Feature Film, The Israeli Documentary Forum Awards, December 2022

Best Foreign Film, Docutah International Film Festival, November 2022

Best of Fest, Defy Film Festival, USA, August 2022

Best International Feature Film, Sacramento World Film Festival, USA, August 2022

Docaviv 2021, Best Director Award, Best Cinematography Award

Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival, Italy, May 2023

Big Apple Film Festival, USA, May 2023

Evening of Jewish Culture Denver Film, USA, April 2023

Port Jefferson Documentary Series, USA, March 2023

Boston Jewish Film Festival, USA, March 2023

Budapest International Documentary Film Festival, Hungary, January 2023

New York Jewish Film Festival, USA, January 2023

Docutah International Film Festival, USA, November 2022

Caminhos Film Festival, Portugal, November 2022

Family Film Project, Portugal, October 2022

Orlando Film Festival, USA, October 2022

Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, USA, September 2022

Louisville’s International Festival of Film, USA, September 2022

Defy Film Festival, USA, August 2022

Yesh Film Festival, Switzerland, June 2022

Doc Edge Film Festival, New Zealand, June 2022

Krakow Film Festival, Poland, June 2022

Transilvania film festival, Romania, June 2022

Dokfest Munich, Germany, May 2022

DocAviv, Israel, July 2021 

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